What Can Cause an Arizona Motorcycle Crash?

Being involved in an Arizona motorcycle crash can change your life. In most cases, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), the drivers of cars involved are to blame for collisions with motorcycles and this can have far-reaching emotional and personal impacts for years to come. But what actually causes a collision with a motorcycle? It isn’t always intentional ignorance, but negligent driver motorcycle crashes in Arizona are a highly common cause.

  • The stopping distance for a motorcycle is about the same as a car on a dry surface. But add rain or snow and a motorcycle needs a much greater stopping distance.
  • While a car has only one major way to slow down — pressing on the brakes — a motorcyclist can also ease up on the throttle or downshift into a lower gear for an immediate decrease in speed. The downside? No brake lights.
  • The small size of most motorcycles make them perfect for hiding in a car’s blind spot, and also make them appear twice to three times as far away as a car in the same spot.

Motorcycle Crash Facts

AZ Motorcycle Crash InjuryNearly every motorcycle crash causes either severe injury or death, in line with the state statistics reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Each year, more than 50 percent of motorcycle collisions involving another vehicle were the fault of the motor vehicle driver and not the rider, according to ADOT. This is up from the national average reported by the MSF at less than 50 percent. But these statistics do not let motorcycle riders off the hook. Riders should avoid excessive speeds and making quick maneuvers in dense traffic.

When to Call an Arizona Motorcycle Crash Attorney

If you’re involved in a motorcycle crash, the most important thing you can do is to seek medical help for your injuries. But because the victims of motorcycle collisions can often experience severe trauma to their spines, necks, and heads, it’s important to contact an experience personal injury attorney as soon as possible. A skilled personal injury attorney works with you during your recovery and ensures that you get the help you need to recover quickly.

The Arizona motorcycle crash attorneys at Breyer Law, P.C. can help you by negotiating a settlement to cover your lost wages and time away from work, the costs of your medical care, property damage, and repairs, and other associated expenses. The Husband and Wife Law Team offers free consultations to help you decide whether or not to pursue a personal injury case. Call us today for your free consultation.

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