Free Injury Law Guide by Arizona Attorneys, the Husband and Wife Law Team

An injury law guide written by the Husband and Wife Law Team is now available. The Husband and Wife Law Team are the authors of the guide. Mark Breyer is a well known attorney throughout Arizona. Recently, he was awarded Top 5 Injury Lawyers in Arizona. The two have written the injury law guide and are offering it free to Arizona residents.

The injury law guide by lawyers, Alexis and Mark Breyer, of the Husband and Wife Law Team, will give injured victims and others an understanding of their rights and what not to do after an accident. Many injured individuals make mistakes before they have had an opportunity to have their questions answered by an attorney and The Husband and Wife Law Team decided a free injury law guide could help innocent victims not get hurt twice.

In addition, many injury cases do not need a lawyer at all. There are many cases that people do not need to hire a lawyer and would do just fine on their own handling their own injury claim. They just need a little guidance to make sure that they are not taken advantage of. Cases where people do not need a lawyer are where the injuries are less severe. When people are seriously injured and have experienced life-altering events, it is always best to have a free consultation with attorneys. Individuals with minor injuries can also talk to an attorney, but any mistakes in how the claim is processed will not have as big of an effect. Reading this free injury law guide could be the difference between a successful settlement and no settlement at all.

There are no gimmicks at all to the free injury law guide. The Husband and Wife Law Team often donate their time and resources to the Arizona community. “It is a great way for us to give back to the community and help others,” stated Alexis. This free injury law guide is not a replacement for a lawyer and is not to be considered legal advice, but it is a 165 page guide that is very detailed and meant to give injured individuals free information on how to handle an accident claim. The guide talks about the pitfalls that are out there are what to watch out for. The injury law guide details 13 different ways people have proceeded that have resulted in their injury claim being destroyed. These are the things that Alexis and Mark Breyer want innocent injury victims to be aware of.

“We have many people call us to let us know how thankful they are that we provide free information,” exclaimed Mark. This injury law guide is a way that people can have free information and not feel compelled to run out and get a lawyer. The injury law guide also details what 10 important questions you must ask when interviewing and choosing an accident attorney in Arizona.

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