Glendale Lawyers Discuss Spinal Cord Injuries: What You Need to Know

Arizona Spine Injury AccidentAs Glendale spinal cord injury attorneys, we see spinal cord injuries becoming more common as the rate of traumatic accidents spikes higher each year, and we are deeply concerned for those who suffer this life-altering affliction. The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) points to spinal cord injuries as various types of trauma to spine, many of which are caused by car accidents.

The NLM indicates that the rate of spinal cord injuries is highest amongst men between the ages of 15-35 as these tend to be the most active and most likely to suffer injuries. Car accidents are a common cause of spinal cord injuries in Glendale and other cities throughout Arizona.

In 2010, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicated 4,600 incapacitating injuries and 17,275 non-incapacitating injuries resulted from 106,177 Arizona car accidents. Many of these collisions may have resulted in whiplash and other spinal cord injuries common to car crashes.

The Symptoms of Glendale Spinal Cord Injuries

After an accident, spinal cord injuries and their symptoms may be difficult to spot at first, but not receiving proper medical treatment can lead to permanent damage. It is important to watch for the following symptoms after an accident to ensure you have not suffered an injury to your spinal cord:

  • Numbness in your spinal cord or in other parts of your body.
  • Changes in your sensory capacity.
  • Pain in your back, neck, or spine, even if it is not excruciating.
  • Weakness in your body or back, or paralysis.
  • Trouble controlling bowels and bladder, or abnormal functioning.

Injuries to different parts of the spine may also result in additional symptoms and a doctor should examine anything out of the ordinary immediately.

Why Call a Glendale Spinal Cord Injuries Attorney

The serious nature of spinal cord injuries merits a call to a doctor immediately after a suspected injury. Many victims are rushed to the hospital after the car accident. This is a critical time when you have suffered a spinal cord injury. These injuries can result in permanent damage, paralysis, and even death depending on the severity of the injury. A call to a skilled personal injury attorney is the next most important call after the doctor’s office.

The Husband and Wife Law Team knows the law and works hard to ensure that victims suffering from spinal cord injuries receive a reasonable settlement that covers the cost of medical expenses throughout the recovery period or over the life of the victim where appropriate, as well as compensation for various losses. If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury and you need help getting the compensation you deserve so you can get your life back, Breyer Law Offices, P.C. can help. Call us today for the help you deserve and to get all your questions answered.

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