Multiple Drunk Drivers Cause Multi-Vehicle Scottsdale Car Accident

As Scottsdale car accident attorneys, we were shocked and surprised to hear the news of an Arizona drunk driving car accident involving multiple impaired drivers on March 16, according to Arizona Central. The crash began just after 3:00 in the morning on southbound Loop 101 when an impaired driver struck another vehicle near the exit for McDonald Road. A second driver was unable to stop and collided with the already stopped vehicles, followed by another impaired driver who struck the third vehicle, and and then three additional vehicles collided with the group, making the final count of seven involved vehicles.

The first car was struck a total of four times and the driver sustained serious head wounds. Injuries to the other drivers are unknown. The crash is still under investigation but police have confirmed that two impaired drivers and a high rate of speed contributed to this collision. Our hearts go out to the victims of this multi-vehicle collision and we look forward to their swift recovery.

Scottsdale Car Accident Statistics and the Influence of Alcohol

This Scottsdale car accident involved many contributing factors including high rates of speed and alcohol-related impaired driving, both of which are common contributing factors in collisions in Scottsdale and throughout the state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reported in 2010 that 217, or more than six percent, of the city’s car crashes, were the result of drunk driving and that 114, or more than 50 percent, of these collisions resulted in injuries. The most common driver violation in 2010, according to ADOT, was driving too fast for conditions, and speeding contributed to more than 35,000 collisions that year.

How Can a Scottsdale Car Accident Attorney Help

A Scottsdale car accident attorney can help the victims of an accident such as this one. The victims of a multi-vehicle accident frequently sustain severe injuries as a result of repeated impacts, such as those sustained in this collision. A skilled attorney may be able to help those injured negotiate a settlement. Breyer Law Offices, P.C. would help the victims of this collision by bringing together facts, evidence and witness statements to build a compelling case. If you’ve been injured in a multi-vehicle crash and you need help to negotiate a settlement that will pay for your vehicle repairs, medical bills, wages lost, and other expenses during recovery, the Husband and Wife Law Team can help. Call us today.

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