One Man Seriously Injured in Kingman Rollover Crash

As Kingman rollover crash attorneys with many years of experience in Arizona, we are greatly concerned for the status of several people who were hurt in a collision on Sunday, April 1, 2012, as reported by the Kingman Daily Miner. The driver of the vehicle told police that she had swerved around a group of squirrels in the road and accidentally drove off the side of the road. The vehicle, carrying four people, rolled multiple times. One passenger was thrown from the vehicle during the crash and suffered multiple serious injuries. That passenger was taken by life flight helicopter to the hospital for treatment of severe injuries to his legs and spine. The driver of the vehicle and the other two passengers, including the son of the ejected passenger, sustained only minor injuries. We wish everyone involved a speedy recovery.

The Perils of a Kingman Rollover Crash

In any given year, a Kingman rollover crash contributes to just over 500 collisions that occur in the city, according to reports by the local and state departments of transportation. Very few accidents in this city end in death, although nearly 50 percent result in injuries. Reports by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) show that nearly 300 people are hurt in crashes in Kingman every year. Accidents like this one typically cause severe injuries, and in 2010 rollover collisions in Arizona caused 145 deaths and 2,573 injuries.

Why Call a Kingman Rollover Crash Attorney

The man who was seriously injured in this Kingman rollover crash could greatly benefit from the help of a skilled Kingman rollover accident attorney. Spinal injuries, even slight ones, carry severe consequences, and this victim may be in recovery for a great deal of time. The Husband and Wife Law Team would work with this man to help him collect financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical expenses We help those who suffer serious and severe bodily injuries in accidents get the support they need to not only survive but also recover and thrive in the aftermath of a car crash. Many people do not realize that if they are passengers in a vehicle, even if they did not wear their seatbelt, that they may still have a successful personal injury settlement claim under Arizona injury law. If you were seriously injured and need help, a free case evaluation by the team at Breyer Law, P.C. could help you. Call us today so we can help you.

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