Tucson Car Accident Lawyers Report Pedestrian Collision Kills One Person

As Tucson car accident lawyers, we were very sad to hear the reports of a deadly crash on Sunday, April 2, 2012, according to KOVA Channel 4. The accident took place when a pickup truck driving on Ajo Way near the intersection of La Cholla Boulevard changed lanes and struck a pedestrian who was walking on the side of the road. The crash occurred in the early morning hours around 5:30 a.m. before the sun came up. The pedestrian was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident, and it is unclear whether speed or alcohol contributed to the collision.

How to Avoid a Tucson Pedestrian Collision

A Tucson pedestrian collision, along with those in the rest of the state, has an approximate 1-in-10 chance of resulting in death according to statistics published in 2010 by Arizona’s Department of Transportation (ADOT). Reducing the possibility of hitting a pedestrian can be difficult, but there are some ways for drivers to help themselves.

  • Drive more slowly in the dark and in areas where pedestrians are known to frequent.
  • Look both ways before making a right hand turn at an intersection or four-way stop.
  • Wait for the crosswalk to be completely clear of pedestrians before making a left turn.
  • Always drive with headlights on unless the sun is completely up. Even a small reduction in light can make a pedestrian more difficult to see.

Why Call a Tucson Wrongful Death Attorney?

The injuries sustained by the victim in this Tucson pedestrian collision were life-threatening and resulted in the death of the man who was struck. An experienced Tucson wrongful death attorney may be able to assist the family in collecting settlement compensation for the funeral, hospital bills incurred prior to the victim’s death, and wages the family lost due to his death. The Husband and Wife Law Team would help the family by constructing a strong case with the help of witnesses, collected evidence, and expert examinations of the crash scene. Losing a loved one is difficult and Breyer Law, P.C. can help you work through the pain by helping to remove the stress of after-death related expenses. Contact us for a free case review today.

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