Yuma Bicycle Collision Seriously Injures Rider

As Yuma bicycle collision attorneys with a great deal of experience in dealing with local car accident victims, we were dismayed to hear the news on KSWT 13 of a severe accident involving a bicycle. The accident was caused by a vehicle striking a bicycle rider as it made a right turn at the corner of 15th Street and 4th Avenue. The bicyclist was riding on the sidewalk and crossed the street just as the car made the turn around the corner.

The driver of the car told police that she did not see the bicycle rider and that she had looked only to the left for cars before making the turn. The cyclist was taken to the hospital in an ambulance with serious injuries to his leg. We hope that the bicycle rider is recovering well.

Yuma Bicycle Collision Statistics

A Yuma bicycle collision like this one carries serious ramifications. According to a statement made by a representative of the Yuma Police Department to KSWT 13, the injury accident toll in Yuma rises to nearly 60 per week during the winter and early spring months, including April.

Throughout Arizona, the Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports more than 1,900 accidents involving bicycles each year leading to the injuries of nearly 1,600 people. Bicycle crashes are especially dangerous because bicycle riders have no way of protecting themselves against the force of the impact with a car or with the ground.

How a Yuma Bicycle Collision Attorney Could Help

A Yuma bicycle collision attorney may be able to aid the person injured in this accident in negotiating a monetary settlement to cover injuries, recovery time and hospital bills, lost wages from missed work time and property repairs or replacement among other damages and expenses. The bicycle rider should contact the attorneys at Breyer Law, P.C. to see if help is available in building a strong case and to have a trained eye examine the evidence, statements from witnesses and other facts of the case. A single phone call to the Husband and Wife Law Team could answer all your questions. Call us for a free case analysis.

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