Child Severely Injured in Laveen Pedestrian Accident

As experienced Laveen car wreck attorneys, we are deeply distraught at news reports on Fox 10 News of an accident involving a child on Friday, April 27th, 2012. The accident happened on Friday morning when a car travelling down 55th Avenue hit a child crossing the street at Baseline Road. The child was rushed to a nearby hospital to be treated for injuries sustained in the crash. Initial reports did not indicate the status of the child at the incident or after arrival at the hospital. However, reports have indicated that the vehicle that struck the child suffered serious damage to its windshield. Part of the road near the intersection was closed for several hours while police cleared the scene and investigated the crash. Our hearts are with the family of the child who was struck and we are wishing him a swift recovery. This is truly a tragic accident.

Laveen Car Wreck Statistics

A Laveen car wreck is an uncommon occurrence and most accidents in the Phoenix metro happen in Phoenix. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports that more than 29,000 car crashes occur in Phoenix each year. Car accidents that happen in smaller cities like Laveen are reported in the Maricopa County numbers, which amount to just over 5,200 each year. However, these crashes rival those that occur in Phoenix. Reports indicate that nearly 32 percent of collisions that occur in cities like Laveen result in injuries, a number almost identical to crashes reported in Phoenix, though the larger city experiences a substantially lower rate of injury accidents.

Why Involve a Laveen Pedestrian Accident Attorney

A child was severely hurt in this Laveen car wreck and the family should contact a skilled Laveen pedestrian accident injury attorney to ensure that their child’s rights are protected. Breyer Law Offices, P.C. would assist the family in recovering the costs of their medical expenses, the parents’ lost wages during the child’s recovery, and personal pain and suffering, among other damages. We would make certain that the child was receiving a fair compensation by investigating all of the facts and hiring the best expert witnesses. If your child was hurt in a collision and you need help holding the driver responsible, the Husband and Wife Law Team may be able to help. Call us now.

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