Kingman Driver Strikes 2-Year-Old Girl in Pedestrian Accident

As Kingman auto accident attorneys with years of experience handling pedestrian injury cases, we were upset by news of a crash involving a two-year-old girl on May 20, according to The Kingman Daily Miner. The crash happened around 7 p.m. when a car driving on 1800 block of Davis Avenue struck a two-year-old child in the street. Reports indicate that the little girl ran out into the road and the driver tried to stop but was unable to avoid hitting the little girl. The car was not going very fast through the neighborhood, which may have helped to limit the seriousness of the injuries sustained in the collision.

When police arrived on the scene, the parents of the little girl had already taken her to a hospital for treatment. Reports indicate that the girl suffered moderate injuries including severe road burns and at least one broken tooth. According to reports, police did not issue the driver a citation.

Our thoughts are with the family and the toddler and we wish her a quick and painless recovery. Although the reports are that the little girl may be at fault, there are always many other factors to consider.

Kingman Collision Statistics and Pedestrian Accidents

Nearly 540 Kingman collisions happen each year, and according to data collected by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), approximately 200 of these crashes cause injuries to at least one person. In 2010, there were 288 reported injuries in just 192 Kingman injury auto accidents. Statewide, children between the ages of zero and four frequently fall victim to pedestrian accidents. Statistics report that around 35 young children and toddlers are injured after being struck by a car each year. Parents can help reduce injuries to their own children by teaching them about road safety and keeping them in enclosed yards. But no matter how much we teach our children, not all accidents are preventable, and parents of children who are struck by a car and injured should always contact a personal injury attorney for advice.

How a Kingman Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

The little girl that was injured in this collision may need a great deal of medical care in order to properly heal and an Arizona pedestrian accident injury attorney could help the family get the compensation they need to afford that treatment. The Husband and Wife Law Team would negotiate with the driver and their insurance company to secure a financial settlement that is fair to the family and that would cover the costs of the little girl’s medical treatments and reconstruction of her broken teeth. If your child was hurt after being struck by a car, even if the police did not give the driver a citation, attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer can help you and your family get the compensation you need. Call us now.

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