Multiple Vehicle Kingman Car Crash Sends Two to Hospital

As Kingman car crash attorneys with years of experience handling multiple vehicle accidents, we were stunned by the events surrounding a three-car collision reported by the Kingman Daily Miner on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012. According to reports from police, a car was exiting off of I-40 onto Stockton Hill Road mid-morning on Wednesday when the driver experienced a medical emergency and lost control of the vehicle. The driver veered across traffic and collided with two other cars before jumping over a curb, smashing through a fence, and dropping into a ditch. Two people who were riding in the car were seriously injured and transported to the hospital. Their current condition is unknown. Initial statements by police report that the other involved drivers were not hurt. We are concerned for the people who were injured in this collision and wish them a swift recovery.

Kingman Car Crash Statistics and Medical Emergencies

People involved in a Kingman car crash have a more than one-in-three chance of being injured, according to statistical reports by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Around 35 percent of all car wrecks in Kingman each year are reported to cause physical harm to the people involved, and the injury rate for collisions within city limits stands at a firm 1.5 injuries per traffic accident on average. Statewide, around 190 car accidents each year are attributed to medical conditions and physical impairments. Few of these accidents are ever reported to cause deaths, but nearly half cause serious injuries.

How a Kingman Car Crash Attorney Could Help

This Kingman car collision was a true accident that the driver could not have prevented, but this does not preclude the injured passengers from seeking the advice and assistance of a Kingman car crash attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team would help the injured passengers understand their rights and would assist them in securing a settlement that would cover their medical expenses and other personal damages that resulted from the collision. We would work with them and their doctors to coordinate better care and help speed up recovery. If you were a passenger hurt in a collision, attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer could help you get the compensation you need to recover. Call us seven days a week to talk about your case.

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