Teenager Injured in Hit and Run Prescott Valley Car Accident

As Arizona hit and run car accident attorneys with years of experience handling hit and run cases, we were shocked to hear reports by the Prescott Daily Courier of a collision on April 27 in Prescott Valley. The incident occurred when a car travelling on Pronghorn Ranch Parkway struck a pedestrian who was trying to cross the road at the intersection with Viewpoint Drive. According to eyewitness testimony and the victim, the car stopped temporarily after the collision but the driver did not get out of the car or check on the condition of the teenage boy who had been hit. The car then sped away. Emergency crews transferred the boy to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Our hearts go out to the boy who was injured and to his family, and we hope that police are able to locate the driver responsible.

How a Prescott Valley Pedestrian Accident Happens

The best way for drivers to avoid being involved in an Arizona pedestrian car crash is to keep their attentions focused on the road. Most pedestrian crashes occur at stoplights and stop signs when drivers make a left or right turn without looking down the full length of the crosswalk for pedestrians. According to reports by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), approximately 1,100 pedestrians are hurt in car crashes every year. This means that nearly 85 percent of collisions involving pedestrians result in injuries to at least one person.

How a Prescott Valley Car Accident Attorney Can Help

This hit and run Prescott Valley car accident has left many questions unanswered for the family of the teenager who was hurt. To get answers as quickly as possible, the family should start by contacting a personal injury attorney who can investigate the facts of the accident. The Husband and Wife Law Team would aid the family by finding insurance, negotiating lien amounts, working with medical providers, and conversing with the insurance company once they are found. If you were hit by a car and need help securing your rights from the at-fault driver, Breyer Law Offices, P.C. might be able to help you. We offer free case consultations seven days a week. Call us now.

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