Two Children Seriously Hurt in Glendale Multi-Car Accident

As experienced Glendale traffic accident attorneys, we were deeply disturbed and concerned about the results of a crash on May 24, according to reports on AZ Central News. The crash took place during the morning rush hour when two cars collided on Pinnacle Peak Road at 67th Avenue. A car turning left at the intersection struck a vehicle that was travelling straight through the light. A third vehicle was also involved in the accident, though it was unclear from reports which of the first two cars struck it.

Two young children in the back of one car were injured in the collision when the vehicle was struck at the rear passenger door and were taken to a nearby hospital. The 7-year-old boy showed signs of head trauma. Our thoughts are with these children and we wish them a quick and stress-free recovery.

Glendale Traffic Accident Statistics

More than 4,800 Glendale traffic accidents occur each year, according to records at the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Roughly 1,400 of these result in car crash injuries to the people involved and recent statistics show that injury accidents in the city typically cause physical harm to nearly 2,050 people. Of these accidents, 3,400 car wrecks each year cause substantial damages to vehicles and other involved property but do not cause injuries. The city does have a low accident fatality rate with only 20 fatalities each year reported in all crashes. This is a fatality rate of less than a half a percent.

How a Glendale Car Accident Injury Attorney Could Help

The parents of the children who were seriously injured in this traffic accident should consult with a skilled Glendale personal injury attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team would aid the family in getting the best possible medical care for their children’s injuries, including their son’s head injury. We would do whatever we could to negotiate a reasonable settlement that would allow the parents to take time off work to care for their children and be with them in the hospital, take care of expenses for medical care, repair the family vehicle, and cover personal pain and suffering. Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer take personal injury cases seriously and we offer free case reviews seven days a week to get victims and their families on the path to recovery. Call us today to talk about your case.

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