Injuries Reported in Tucson Traffic Accident

As experienced Tucson traffic accident attorneys, we were taken aback by news of a crash that happened Thursday, May 24, 2012, according to reports by the Tucson Police Department. The collision took place on northbound Park Avenue and eastbound Glenn Street during rush hour on Thursday afternoon when two vehicles collided. Initial reports from police did not provide an explanation for the crash, and it is unclear whether the crash was caused by a rear-end collision or a failure to yield based on reports from crash scene investigators. At least one person reported serious injuries in the car crash, but police did not indicate the number of injuries that were sustained in the collision and the extent of the injuries that were suffered. We are thinking about the people in this crash and we wish everyone that was injured in the impact a speedy recovery.

Tucson Traffic Accident Statistics

Tucson traffic accidents account for roughly 62 percent of the 15,800 car crashes that take place in Pima County every year, according to reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The city’s injury accidents, which number nearly 3,600 annually, represent approximately 68 percent of all injury accidents in the county. Injury accidents in Tucson rarely result in serious injuries to only one person and the yearly injury count nearly always tops 5,300. In addition to causing a large number of injuries, Tucson car crashes also result in a high number of deaths. Statistics show that the nearly 55 deaths that result from Tucson wrecks every year represent more than 50 percent of car wreck-related deaths in the county.

What a Tucson Traffic Accident Attorney Would Do to Aid the Victims

The people who got hurt in this traffic accident may have a need for a Tucson traffic accident attorney to help them recover damages from the driver at-fault for the collision. The personal injury lawyers at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. would work with the injury victims in this car crash to get them the compensation they need to recover. We would negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement that would take care of medical expenses, recovery time, and other damages, such as personal suffering and vehicle repairs. The Husband and Wife Law Team offer free personal injury lawsuit consults and are available every day of the week to talk about your case. Call us today.

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