Teen Loses Family in Buckeye Rear End Collision

As Buckeye rear end collision attorneys, we were so sorry to learn about a teen who lost her entire family in a crash on June 2, according to AZ Central. The family had been waiting to make a left turn off of Maricopa County 85 when an SUV hit them from behind. The teen’s father, mother, brother, and uncle died in the crash after their car caught fire. The driver of the SUV suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was later released from the hospital. Our deepest condolences go out to the teen girl, and we are thankful her extended family is providing her with support during this difficult time. This is truly a tragic car accident.

Causes of This Buckeye Rear End Collision

This Buckeye fatal car collision occurred when a driver smashed into the back of a car waiting to complete a left turn. Reasons why the crash happened in the first place are not readily apparent, but we often see cases in which drivers were distracted and didn’t see the other car waiting to make a left turn. We urge all drivers to watch out for other cars, never drive distracted, and obey all traffic laws.

There may be a claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle. Cars are not supposed to catch fire and there should be safety measures in place to prevent such incidents from occurring. Clearly, this requires more investigation.

Contact a Buckeye Wrongful Death Attorney

As Arizona car accident wrongful death attorneys, we find this case an absolute tragedy. So many people lost their lives, and as true with many rear end collisions, the accident more likely than not could have been totally avoided. The team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. works hard to investigate the facts, which can often prove that if a driver hadn’t been distracted, drunk, speeding, or disobeying other traffic laws, the accident never would have occurred. We use this information to reach a settlement that is fair. These settlements often cover funeral costs and lost wages, helping the victims’ families begin down the long path to recovery. Contact us today to see how we might help you with your case; the initial consultation is free. Although we cannot bring the family back, we can pursue the injury and wrongful death claims so that justice is served given the circumstances of the claim.

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