Teenage Pedestrian Severely Injured in Peoria Traffic Accident

As experienced Peoria traffic accident attorneys, we were dismayed at news of a pedestrian collision reported by ABC 15. According to news reports, the 16-year-old boy was crossing the street in front of Sunrise High School at the intersection of 83rd Avenue and Lake Pleasant Road just after school let out on Tuesday when he was struck by a vehicle. The young man was knocked to the ground and suffered multiple serious injuries, including a head wound. He was transported to the hospital for treatment via helicopter following the Peoria pedestrian accident. Initial reports indicate that the driver remained on the scene until emergency crews and police arrived. There has been no word on whether the driver will receive a citation. Our thoughts are with the teenager who was hit and his family and we hope that they are all doing well.

Peoria Traffic Accident Statistics

Each Peoria traffic accident contributes to the more 2,200 crashes in the city reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) every year. Approximately 960 people are reported hurt in car wrecks in Peoria every year, many of them pedestrians. Throughout the state, pedestrians are injured or killed in just shy of 1,500 crashes each year, according to the most recent statistical data. Pedestrians can reduce their own risk of being struck by a car by checking both ways before crossing the street, even at four-way stops and stoplights. Drivers can also help to reduce the risk of pedestrian-involved crashes by looking across both crosswalks at intersections and stop signs.

How a Peoria Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

The family of the boy who was hurt in this Peoria traffic accident may see high medical bills, and they should contact a skilled Peoria personal injury attorney to help ensure that they do not have to assume responsibility for the costs of his recovery. The Husband and Wife Law Team would hold the driver responsible liable for medical bills, needed time off work for the parents, and other costs associated with the crash. If you or your child was hit by a car, Breyer Law, P.C. may be able to assist you in securing financial support from the at-fault driver. Call us for a free examination of your personal injury case today.

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