Three-Car Prescott Traffic Collision Caused By Red Light Runner

As experienced Prescott intersection accident attorneys, we were shocked to hear news of a crash caused by a driver that ran a red light on Thursday, June 7, 2012, according to My Radio Place. The accident happened at the intersection of Lee Boulevard and Highway 69 when a vehicle ran the red light and crashed into another car that was making a left hand turn. Reports did not indicate how the third vehicle became involved in the accident. Multiple injuries were reported in the collision. The drivers of all three vehicles involved reported only minor injuries, and police have not released additional details about the other reported injuries. A police spokesperson indicated that the driver who ran the red light would most likely be issued a citation for the violation and for causing the accident. We are thinking of everyone involved in the collision and hope that everyone gets well soon.

Prescott Traffic Collision Statistics

Roughly 800 Prescott traffic collisions occur every year, and according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), these crashes account for nearly one-quarter of all car accidents that happen in Yavapai County annually. Nearly 275 injury collisions are reported within the city limits every year and approximately 400 people are hurt in the impact of car crashes that happen in Prescott annually. Although injuries are common in Prescott car accidents, most collisions in this city cause property damage only without resulting in physical harm to any of the people involved. In 2010, statistics showed that roughly two-thirds of car crashes in the city resulted in property damage alone.

What a Prescott Personal Injury Lawyer Could Do

Multiple people reported injuries in this Prescott traffic collision, and those individuals should consider consulting with a Prescott personal injury lawyer before accepting any settlements from the insurance company or making a formal statement. The attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. would work for the best interests of the injury victims and make certain that they receive a fair settlement. We would do whatever it takes to secure compensation covering all of their medical expenses, time off from work without pay, and other damages, including any applicable property repairs or replacement. The Husband and Wife Law Team is available for free consultations seven days a week to help you get your questions answered. Call us now and get your life back on track.

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