Tucson Traffic Collision Results in Injuries

As experienced Tucson traffic collision attorneys, we were concerned by the occurrence of yet another in a long string of serious accidents on one city street reported by the Tucson Police Department on June 12. The accident took place at the corner 6th Street and Euclid Avenue, making this one of the most active accident-areas reported by police in 2012 so far.

The accident occurred when two cars collided around a quarter after 7 p.m. At least one person was reported injured in the collision, though preliminary reports from police did not include the total number of injured persons or the extent of the injuries. Reports did not indicate how the incident happened or which individual was at fault for the accident. We are concerned about the individuals injured in the crash and hope they each see a swift recovery.

Tucson Traffic Collision Statistics

Recent statistics from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) report that more than 9,700 accidents take place in the city every year. Roughly 37 percent of these car wrecks are reported as injury accidents that injure one or more involved persons. Recent data specifies that nearly 5,320 people are hurt in car crashes in Tucson every year. The remaining car crashes in Tucson cause property damage without causing any physical harm to the people involved. Property damage accidents account for just short of 63 percent of all Tucson crashes and the remaining less than one percent of all car crashes result in the deaths of around 55 people annually, according to data.

Why Involve a Tucson Personal Injury Attorney

The people who sustained physical injuries in this traffic collision should consider reaching out to a Tucson personal injury attorney for a consult. The team at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. would utilize the expertise of crash scene investigators to help build a strong lawsuit supported by evidence. Along with evidence and the statement of the investigators, we would use eyewitness testimony and other facts from the accident to negotiate a fair settlement for the people that sustained injuries. We would do anything necessary to secure settlement payments that would pay for medical care and recovery and property and personal damages. If you were injured in a car accident, contact the Husband and Wife Law Team today for your free consultation.

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