Chandler Car Accident Kills Boy on Bicycle

As experienced Chandler bike accident attorneys, we were disturbed and dismayed by the deadly results of a crash that took place on June 29, according to traffic news reports from ABC 15 News. The accident happened when a pickup truck traveling down Knox Avenue struck a boy on a bicycle where the road intersects with Arizona Avenue. Reports from witnesses indicate that the boy was trying to ride his bike across several lanes of traffic when he was struck by the truck. The boy was thrown from his bicycle and died at the scene, despite numerous attempts by witnesses to save the boy’s life.

The driver of the truck that hit the boy fled the scene but was later caught by police and multiple charges have been filed against him. We are deeply sorry for the pain that this boy’s family must be feeling and we wish them strength today and in the days ahead. This is such a sad incident and the driver never should have fled the scene of the accident and we do understand that the driver returned to the scene of the accident.

Chandler Car Accident Statistics

According to reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), around 3,520 Chandler car accidents happen every. Statistics indicate that around one third of these crashes result in moderate to serious injuries and more than 1,400 people are injured in the course of an accident. An additional near 10 individuals die every year in the city as a result of injuries suffered in a car crash. Statewide, suburban areas like Chandler see far fewer car crashes involving people on bicycles than urban centers like Phoenix, but the fatality rate is nearly the same. Around 140 accidents involving bicyclists happen in suburban areas each year and at least two result in deaths, while nearly 115 result in injuries.

Why Call a Chandler Car Accident Attorney

This Arizona fatal car accident has forever changed the life of the family who lost their son and they should consider speaking to an attorney. It may be that the driver was driving drunk and punitive damages are warranted. It could be that the driver was working for a company. At a time like this, the last thing the family may want to do is speak to a lawyer; however, it can at least inform you of your legal rights.

The Husband and Wife Law Team would investigate the scene of the accident, conduct witness statements and litigate, if necessary, against the man who struck the boy on the bicycle to settle for fair compensation covering the costs of the funeral and other expenses related to the crash and the family’s suffering. We provide free consultations on all wrongful death cases to help families struck by tragedy get on with their lives more quickly. Call the attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. now.

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