Hit and Run Arizona Traffic Accident Causes Injuries

As experienced Arizona traffic accident attorneys, we were troubled by news of a severe Miami hit and run collision reported by Kiko News on Sunday, June 24, 2012. The collision took place at the intersection of Latham Boulevard and Live Oak Boulevard just after 2 p.m. on Sunday afternoon when one car crashed into another. One of the vehicles involved in the crash left the scene. Police reported that at least one individual was injured in the collision but reports did not specify the exact number of injuries suffered or how bad those injuries were. Investigators have not yet located the driver that left the scene of the accident. We are thinking of those hurt in the crash and hope that they receive resolution soon.

Miami, Arizona Traffic Accident Statistics

Every year, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports around 15 Miami, Arizona traffic accidents. Roughly one-third of collisions that happen in Miami are labeled injury crashes. Around 7-10 people report sustaining injuries in car crashes in the city each year and at least one of those collisions is caused by a drunk driver, according to statistics. There are rarely reports of fatal crashes in the town, though they have been reported in years past. The remaining two-thirds of collisions in Miami, Arizona each year cause serious property damage without resulting in any injuries or fatalities, according to recent reports. The total number of accidents in Miami, Arizona each year accounts for less than two percent of collisions in Gila County and the town has third lowest accident rate in the county, according to statistics.

Why Call an Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer

Hit and run collisions are serious crimes, and the people who sustained physical harm in this traffic accident should call upon the expertise of a skilled Arizona personal injury lawyer to make certain that their rights are sustained through the process of recovery. The Husband and Wife Law Team would do everything possible to work out a fair settlement for the victims through negotiation, litigation, or mediation. We would work to secure compensation covering all of the costs for medical care, repairs to the damaged vehicle, lost wages, and personal pain and suffering. We provide free case consults to make certain that every personal injury case starts off right. Call attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer today to talk about your case.

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