Phoenix Traffic Accident with Minivan Injures Three Children, Three Adults

As experienced Phoenix traffic accident attorneys, we are deeply worried for the safety and current status of six people who sustained injuries in a collision on Sunday, June 24, 2012, according to news reports from ABC 15 News. The crash happened late Sunday evening when a vehicle struck a minivan at the intersection of 7th Avenue and Broadway Road. Multiple people were riding in the minivan at the time of the collision. Six people riding in the van were transported to a nearby medical center for treatment, including three young children. Two of the children suffered serious injuries. There was no report on the other passengers in the van or the passengers or driver of the other vehicle involved. Police have not yet released comment on what caused the other driver to t-bone the minivan. Our thoughts are with each of the individuals injured in the collision and we are hoping for a swift recovery for all.

How to Avoid a T-Bone Phoenix Traffic Accident

Reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicate that roughly 29,100 Phoenix traffic accidents occur every year, and many of these collisions could be avoided. Statewide, t-bone collisions and other similar crashes are implicated as the result of an accident nearly 5 percent of the time. The following are are ways for drivers to reduce their risk of causing one of these accidents.

  • Turn off your cell phone before you get in your car.
  • Eliminate in-car distractions and dangers by ensuring that all pets and people, including children, are appropriately strapped in.
  • When a light turns yellow, slow down. Many drivers speed up in attempt to beat the oncoming red light.
  • When turning left, wait to pull out into the intersection until all traffic is clear.

Why Call a Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

We know that being involved in a traffic accident can be very stressful, and the people hurt in this collision could benefit from a conversation with a skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team would assist the victims in deciding how to proceed with their case and, based on their needs, we would negotiate with, litigate against, or enter mediation to settle their claim so that they receive compensation for their injuries. We would work hard to secure compensation in a fair settlement that would take care of the costs of medical care, personal pain and suffering, and other damages for the victims. We do everything in our power to ease the process of recovery for injury victims. Call the attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a free case review.

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