Phoenix Traffic Collision: Single Rollover Causes Severe Injuries

As experienced rollover accident lawyers in Phoenix, we are deeply concerned for those people who were involved in a crash that was reported by My Fox Phoenix on Tuesday, July 17, 2012. The accident happened when a single vehicle rolled over on Highway 238 in between Gila Bend and Mobile Road. Three life flight helicopters were directed to the scene to pick up people who were ejected from the vehicle during the accident. Police do not know what caused the accident to occur since no other vehicles were involved. We are thinking of the driver and the passengers and hope that they recover soon from their injuries.

How to Avoid a Serious Phoenix Traffic Collision

This severe Phoenix traffic collision may not have been avoidable, like many of the more than 29,060 car crashes that happen in the city every year, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). More than 15,050 people are hurt in accidents that occur in Phoenix annually, according to statistics. While not all accidents are avoidable, drivers can reduce the risk of causing or being involved in a collision by keeping within the speed limit and watching out for slick roads, especially during monsoon season. Minimizing distractions, like cell phone use and eating while driving, can also help to reduce the risk of rollovers and other serious crashes.

How a Phoenix Traffic Collision Attorney Could Help

Three people were hurt in this Phoenix traffic collision, and the passengers who were injured should think about consulting with a skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney. Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer would assist the passengers that sustained injuries in securing a fair settlement from the driver in a timely, calm fashion. It may be that the driver has a claim as well but it depends on the circumstances of how the accident took place. We would work our hardest to make sure that the victims were compensated for their physical and emotional injuries, time off work without pay for recovery, and medical bills. We provide free consultations for injured passengers to help them get justice from the drivers that caused their injuries. Call the Husband and Wife Law Team today for a free consultation and advice on your personal injury law case.

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