What Causes Arizona Head Injuries?

AZ TBI AccidentAs experienced Arizona head injury attorneys, we do everything in our power to help people understand the causes of serious injuries so that they can avoid inflicting injury to themselves or to others. The most common types of head injuries experienced by people throughout Arizona include concussions, skull fractures, and intracranial hematomas (bleeding in the brain). Most head injuries are caused by falling, sports injuries, or car and bicycle accidents.

The Arizona Governor’s Council on Spinal and Head Injuries (AZGCSHI) indicates that the majority of serious head injuries in Arizona are caused by car crashes, followed by sports injuries. In Arizona, more than 50 percent of all head injuries recorded in emergency rooms are the result of a serious car accident, according to statistical reports.

Head Injury Statistics

Every Arizona head injury should be examined by a doctor due to the probability that these injuries have of inflicting lifelong pain and suffering on the victim. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that nearly two million people sustain a serious head injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI) every year. More than 50,000 of those people die as a result of their injuries, according to statistics. Although deaths directly related to TBI are low, head injuries are reported to be a contributing factor in more than one-third of annual fatalities nationwide. Young children and the elderly are at the greatest risk for suffering a head injury and more than half of all reported head injuries are sustained by children aged zero to 14 years and elderly persons aged 65 and older, according to recent reports.

Why Call an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

Arizona head injuries have a high probability of leading to permanent disability or other suffering, and death. A skilled attorney may be able to help victims of head injuries get fair compensation from the person who caused their injury to help with their recovery. The Husband and Wife Law Team negotiates with at-fault parties to work out a settlement that includes permanent replacement of lost wages for victims who can no longer work in addition to paying for medical bills and other costs associated with recovery.

If you suffered a serious head injury due to another person’s negligence, attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer may be able to help. Call us now so we can make sure that your legal rights are protected. At the minimum, we can make sure that you are aware of your statute of limitations for your case so that your legal rights are not lost. We are here to answer questions and welcome your calls.

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