What Causes Mesa Grocery Store Accidents?

As experienced injury lawyers who help many people in Mesa, Arizona who have been injured at grocery stores, we know that many customers are injured at the supermarket in preventable accidents. Most injuries suffered by customers in grocery stores are due to slip and fall accidents and injury victims suffer injuries to their legs, hips, backs, heads, and other body parts. These accidents occur when:

  • Floors that have been cleaned have not completely dried before customers walk on them;
  • Flooring and stairs are broken or loose;
  • Packaging from products or shipping is left on the floor and customers slip on it; and
  • Broken bottles, jars, and other containers holding liquid land on the floors of the grocery store and are not cleaned up promptly.

How to Avoid a Mesa Grocery Store Accident

Grocery store slip and fall accidents are nearly always preventable and grocery store managers and employees can protect customers by keeping floors clean, in good repair, and free from debris or spilled liquids. Customers can also protect themselves in the store by watching out for areas of potential danger. The most common areas in grocery stores where slip and fall accidents occur are on aisles containing soda pop, milk, laundry and dish detergent, and baby products. By keeping out a keen eye for spilled liquids on these aisles, customers can help prevent their own injuries. Customers should always remember that they are not to blame for slip and fall injuries in grocery stores and should reach out to a skilled attorney for assistance.

Why Reach Out to an Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer

Customers injured in store accidents may be offered a settlement from the store, but before agreeing to anything, these victims should reach out to a skilled Mesa slip and fall injury attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. helps victims who fell and sustained injuries while grocery shopping to get a fair settlement that will cover all of their injury-related expenses. We take action to hold the grocery store liable and to compensate injury victims for all related damages. Call attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer for free advice on your case today.

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