What Causes Phoenix Shopping Mall Accidents?

As experienced Phoenix shopping mall accident attorneys, we know that not all shopping mall accidents are avoidable. But we still do whatever we can to help shoppers protect themselves by learning to spot the causes of slip and fall accidents wherever they shop. The following are various ways we have seen shoppers hurt:

  • Clothing that has dropped from the hangar to the floor in a department store can entangle shoppers’ feet.
  • Food and drinks that are spilled on the floor in food courts or on flooring throughout the mall when food has been removed from the food court.
  • Broken tiles or loose flooring, including rugs, carpeting, floor trim, and flooring accessories that can move under shoppers’ feet or catch on high heels.

Shoppers who slip and fall in a shopping mall accident may suffer injuries and they should contact a skilled personal injury attorney as quickly as possible to understand and protect their rights.

How Flooring Contributes to Phoenix Shopping Mall Accidents

Problems with flooring are the number one cause of slip and fall Phoenix shopping mall accidents. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National Flooring Safety Institute (NFSI), flooring and flooring materials are a direct cause of more than two million slip and fall accidents each year, many of which occur in shopping malls. Flooring issues may include broken tiles or tiles and flooring that have not been properly adhered to the flooring surface. Additionally, worn surfaces at the top of escalators and staircases also present a trip, slip, and fall hazard. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) confirms that more than 15 percent of all accidental deaths are caused by preventable slip and fall accidents nationwide, and Phoenix slip and fall accidents are no exception to this rule.

Why Involve a Phoenix Shopping Mall Accident Attorney

Slip and fall shopping mall accidents contribute to serious injuries and can contribute to fatalities. People who suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident at a shopping mall should reach out to a personal injury attorney for help as soon as they are able. The attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. help slip and fall accident injury victims by collecting all of the facts and evidence from the incident and presenting a strong case in an effort to secure fair compensation from mall management. We do everything to make certain that the settlement provides compensation for medical bills, personal pain and suffering, and other damages related to the accident. We are available to talk about your case seven days a week. Call the Husband and Wife Law Team now.

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