What is Your Role in Tucson Car Accident Statistics?

As experienced Tucson car accident attorneys, we know that small city car crashes, while less frequent than big city collisions, have a tremendous impact on the victims and community.

How to Avoid a Tucson Car Accident

Most Tucson car accidents, whether they result in injuries or not, are preventable by the negligent driver responsible for the crash. In most cases, drivers who are struck by another vehicle cannot do anything to avoid the crash. Drivers can avoid causing a crash in Tucson by paying extra attention at night and in the early morning. Additionally, drivers should be certain to follow the speed limit, keep within their own lane of travel, and use their blinkers every time they are going to change lanes. Drivers can also protect themselves in areas frequented by pedestrians by slowing down in residential areas and providing plenty of space for individuals in the crosswalk.

Why Reach Out to a Tucson Car Accident Attorney

Injuries caused by these collisions can be serious and people who are involved in injury car crashes should call a skilled attorney. Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer work closely with injury victims to build a strong personal injury case that can be easily negotiated or litigated in their favor. We do what it takes to reach a settlement that covers the costs of recovery including medical fees, vehicle repairs, lost days at work, the resulting loss of income, and personal suffering and emotional pain. We provide free case reviews to help make the process of deciding whether to file a case easier for injury victims. Call the Husband and Wife Law Team today for help making the right decision for your case.

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