Globe Traffic Collision Results in Injuries to Three People

As experienced Globe traffic collision attorneys, we are truly worried for the people who were involved in a serious accident on Sunday, July 8, 2012, according to reports from Kiko News. The crash happened on Highway 60 near a take-out pizza place around noon on Sunday. Reports did not indicate how many vehicles or how many people were involved in the crash, but three people were seriously injured in the collision. One person was taken to an area hospital by ambulance. Two others were taken by life flight helicopter to Phoenix. No reports have been issued by police on the cause of the incident and the investigation is still pending. Our best wishes for a complete recovery go out to all those injured.

How to Avoid a Serious Globe Traffic Collision

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports the occurrence of roughly 160 Globe traffic collisions every year that cause injuries to up to 100 people annually. Many of these collisions are caused by distracted driving and could be avoided. The easiest ways for drivers in Glove to avoid being involved in a serious crash that causes injuries are to keep their attention on the road, minimize distractions in their car, and keep their cool, even when other drivers are striking a nerve. For example, drivers should turn off their cell phones, keep both hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road, and avoid tailgating even the slowest drivers.

Why Contact a Globe Traffic Collision Attorney

The three people who sustained injuries in this Globe traffic collision should talk to a skilled Globe traffic collision attorney about their options for pursuing a case against the negligent driver that caused their injuries. Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer would assist these injured individuals in developing solid lawsuits based on evidence and eyewitness testimony. We would do everything within our power to negotiate fair settlements that would compensate the injury victims for lost income, personal suffering and injuries, repair and medical bills, and more. We always provide free consultations as a part of our commitment to expediting recovery for injury victims. Call the attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. for your free case review.

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