Hospital on the Move to Reduce Phoenix Swimming Accidents

We are excited to hear news from AZ Central that the Phoenix Children’s Hospital will spend the entire month of August promoting water safety to help reduce the number of children who drown in the city and throughout the state. This ninth annual Drowning Impact Awareness Month kicked off on July 31, 2012 with a focus on the most distracted month of the year. Hospital workers are hoping to reduce the number of serious injuries, permanent brain damage, and fatalities suffered each year by children who are victims of drowning incidents. Barriers and supervision, the hospital notes, are the best way to keep young children, like toddlers, from being involved in a drowning accident. Swimming safety is a must for all Arizona residents.

Phoenix Swimming Accident Facts and Figures

Phoenix swimming accidents are common throughout the summer, when distraction is as high as temperatures around the Valley. So far in 2012, Phoenix area children have been injured in 76 swimming and other water accidents, according to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Water Watchers program. Data indicates that there have been more than 236 fatalities involving children in the area over the past 12 years. According to recent news reports, three fatalities involving children under the age of four occurred in the wake of the program’s annual launch.

When to Involve a Phoenix Swimming Accidents Attorney

Although Phoenix swimming accidents are prevalent this time of year, they are avoidable, and families who are impacted by these types of incidents should think about reaching out to a skilled Phoenix swimming accident lawyer. The Husband and Wife Law Team helps families of injured children better understand their rights and make the best decisions regarding their care and possible lawsuits. We do whatever we can within the law to secure a fair settlement. Our settlements frequently include compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses if a fatality occurs, loss of work time for parents, and other related damages. At the Breyer Law Offices, P.C., we listen to what grieving parents have to say. Call us now to talk about your case at no cost to you.

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