Man Not Scared of Arizona Motorcycle Crash, Takes New Bike on Countrywide Tour

Arizona Motorcycle TripA 60-year-old man who recently learned how to ride a motorcycle took his new bike on a countrywide tour for his birthday, spending a great deal of that time at the Grand Canyon, not worried about the potential for an Arizona motorcycle crash. The man packed the essentials for a road trip and the things that every motorcycle rider should have: clothes, a cell phone, GPS, and riding gear.

While riding through Arizona, the rider used I-10, one of the most dangerous roads in the state for motorcycle riders and he did what all motorcycle riders should do to stay safe: made use of rest stops to keep from getting too tired, watched out for trucks and other motorists, and followed the rules of the road.

Arizona Motorcycle Crash Facts and Figures

Recent statistics reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicate that nearly 3,060 Arizona motorcycle crashes happen every year. The new data is an increase from those numbers reported last year by nearly 10 percent. A 55 percent increase in the deaths of motorcycle riders was also seen over the year. Injury incident rates for those involved in motorcycle collisions also rose by approximately seven percent.

These increases included the addition of only 5,000 more registered motorcycles in the state during the same timeframe. Nearly 120 of those killed in motorcycle collisions in the past year were riders themselves.

Why Reach Out to an Arizona Motorcycle Crash Attorney?

The man in this motorcycle adventure was lucky to not be involved in one of the many Arizona motorcycle crashes that happen each year, but if you are injured in a collision, you should consider engaging the expertise of a skilled attorney.

The Husband and Wife Law Team works hard to help injured riders collect damages from culpable parties to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, bike repairs, and emotional suffering. Contact the Phoenix, AZ motorcycle accident attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today and let us help you get your life back on track and your bike back on the road.

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