Multiple Hit and Run Globe Traffic Accidents Caused By Single Drunk Driver

As experienced Globe hit and run victim attorneys, we were shocked by reports from Kiko News detailing several hit and run accidents caused by one driver on July 8. The accidents happened in the afternoon on Main Street in Central Heights when a drunk driver crashed into multiple vehicles. Independent reports indicate that while some of the vehicles were parked and had no occupants, other vehicles were in motion at the time of their collisions.

The man was caught and arrested by police. No indications of the number or severity of injuries was made by police in the reports, though additional information suggests that at least one individual sustained injuries in a collision. We hope all of the people involved are doing well and that they recover soon from any and all injuries they may have suffered.

Globe Traffic Accident Statistics

Approximately 160 Globe traffic accidents are reported annually by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). These collisions have a high propensity for resulting in injuries, and more than 37 percent of car accidents that happen in the city cause injuries to at least one involved individual, according to statistics. Recent data reports show that around 100 people suffer physical harm after being involved in a collision in Globe. While less common in the city, drunk driving accidents also cause a large number of injuries in Globe each year. Statistics indicate that nearly 15 drunk driving collisions result in a 33 percent injury rate.

Why Involve a Globe Traffic Accident Attorney

Multiple people were affected by these Globe traffic accidents and a skilled attorney may be able to assist these individuals secure fair compensation from the person responsible. The Husband and Wife Law Team would aid the injury victims by constructing a solid argument against the drunk driver and working to negotiate fair terms. We would do everything in our power to make certain that the settlement for the individuals who were hurt covered missed work time and lost wages, medical bills, and personal suffering and damage to their vehicles. We offer free case reviews to all personal injury victims and would do the same for these injured people. Call attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer now for help.

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