Prescott Truck Accident Causes Injuries, Shuts Down Highway and Cross-Street

We were very surprised by news reported by My Radio Place on August 2 of a collision involving a cement truck and a suburban. The collision happened at the junction of Highway 69 and Gateway Boulevard when a cement truck carrying a 40,000 pound load overturned while the driver was attempting to turn from one roadway onto another. When the truck rolled it hit a suburban carrying four people.

Diesel fuel spilled across the highway and shut down the intersection for several hours while police cleaned up the spill and attended to the crash site. Police cited the man who was driving the truck for speeding and for failing to avoid a collision. We are thinking of all those who were involved and wish them all the best.

Prescott Truck Accidents and Cement Truck Collision Statistics

AZ truck accidents are often the result of speeding, either on the part of the truck driver or the part of another driver on the road. According to recent reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), concrete mixing trucks are involved in fewer than 30 accidents per year on Arizona roadways. However, statistics indicate that more 20 percent of these crashes result in injuries to those involved. The remaining 80 percent cause only property damage. Prescott accident victims are not always so lucky. More than 750 collisions take place in the city each year, according to statistics, and of those crashes reported at least two result in fatalities and another near-300 cause physical injuries to occur in nearly 400 individuals.

Why Involve a Prescott Truck Accident Attorney

Individuals who are involved in Prescott truck accidents that are caused by the negligence of a trucker should rely on the expertise of a skilled injury attorney to help them assert their rights. The Prescott tractor trailer crash injury lawyers at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. work with the individuals, like those involved in this crash, to get compensation for their property damages, injuries, and resulting expenses. We would do whatever it takes to hold the driver and the cement mixing company legally responsible for all injuries and damages suffered by the innocent victims and would use all of the facts, including the issued citation, to make the case. If you were hurt by a truck driver’s negligence, contact the attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. now for assistance.

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