Prescott Valley Car Wreck Caused by Weed Mower

Serious Prescott Valley car wrecks may not always involve a second vehicle, much like a collision that occurred on August 9, according to reports from The Daily Courier. The accident happened at the intersection of Viewpoint Drive and Park View Drive when a man driving a delivery truck was struck in the head by a flying rock.

According to news reports, the rock was flung by a weed mower in operation across the street. The truck then crashed into a drainage ditch. The man was taken to the hospital by ambulance with a serious head injury. Our best wishes for a complete recovery are with this man as he remains in the hospital.

Prescott Valley Car Wreck Facts and Figures

Around 550 Prescott Valley car wrecks happen every year, according to recent reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Nearly 175 car accidents in this city cause injuries to the people involved and according to data reports around 250 people sustain physical injuries after involvement in a crash annually. Additionally, more than five individuals are killed in car crashes. Around 10 percent of injury collisions in Prescott Valley are caused by drunk drivers and at least one injury is caused in the same manner each year, according to statistics reports.

Why Reach Out to a Prescott Valley Car Wreck Attorney

This car wreck was a serious and strange accident that should be evaluated by a skilled personal injury attorney. Prescott Valley car accident attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer would assist the man who was struck by the rock in this car crash to help determine whether the city worker and the city should be held liable for his injuries. We would negotiate with the city to secure a fair settlement that would compensate the man for the damages to his personal property, injuries he sustained in the accident, and any permanent physical injuries or loss of ability to work he may suffer as a result of his head injury. If you were hurt in an accident and need legal support, contact the Husband and Wife Law Team today.

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