Tucson Car Crash Causes Injuries, Leads to Choking Incident

As experienced Tucson rollover car crash lawyers, we were disturbed and completely shocked by the details and aftermath of a collision that took place on Saturday, July 21, 2012, according to reports from Tucson News Now. The accident happened on Bear Canyon Road late Saturday night when the driver lost control of the vehicle he was driving and rolled it over at the side of the road. The man was injured and was knocked out. Witnesses pulled the man from the vehicle and attempted to resuscitate him. Once revived, the man choked a woman who was on scene, attempting to assist him. He then walked away from the scene. There was no word on the condition of the passengers in his vehicle. Police reported that alcohol was a factor in the rollover. We are deeply concerned for all those involved and hope they are getting the help they need.

Tucson Car Crash and Drunk Driving Statistics

Every year, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports around 9,725 Tucson car crashes. Approximately 37 percent of these collisions end with injuries, and there are reports of around 5,315 injuries sustained by the people who are involved. Drunk drivers in Tucson cause a large number of single car and multiple-vehicle collisions every year. Nearly 525 car accidents are the result of drunk driving every year, as reported by statistics. There are more than 360 injuries sustained in those collisions.

Why Reach Out to a Skilled Tucson Car Crash Attorney

This Tucson car crash ended with extreme injuries to both the people involved and to witnesses who were involved in the aftermath. The injured victims should reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney to determine and protect their rights in this situation. The Husband and Wife Law Team would assist the injury victims who were hurt in the collision come to a fair settlement with the driver who rolled the vehicle they were riding in. We would seek damages that would include compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other related expenses. Call the attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. for assistance with your case.

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