Watch Out for Road Hazards to Avoid a Phoenix Traffic Accident

Soaring temperatures do more than cause sunburns. Many times, rising temperatures lead to serious Phoenix traffic accidents. According to reports from My Fox Phoenix, the high temperatures in the Valley are causing new road hazards to appear that may pose serious dangers to Valley residents and drivers. The extreme heat brought on by multiple triple-digit days can cause concrete and asphalt to expand, buckle, and break away, leaving gaping holes in the roadway that can’t be classified as mere potholes.

In order to avoid serious accidents caused by these road hazards, motorists should keep their eyes, minds, and full attention on the road at all times. Drivers should also pay attention to traffic news and avoid driving in areas where the concrete or asphalt has been known to give way under extreme temperatures. Many times, however, these areas are unavoidable. It is the responsibility of the land owners to keep their roads safe.

Phoenix Traffic Accident Facts and Figures

While Phoenix traffic accidents are most often the result of the careless actions of one or more motorists, road surface conditions do occasionally come into play. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicates that road surface conditions are a contributing factor in around 16,500 collisions statewide every year. In Phoenix, reports indicate that road hazards may play a significant role in at least some of the more than 29,060 car crashes that happen in the city annually. More than 15,000 individuals report being injured in car crashes in this Valley city each year.

Why Call a Phoenix Traffic Accident Attorney

Some Phoenix traffic accidents are just that, accidents, and other times, accidents are avoidable. All injury victims, though, should still contact a skilled personal injury attorney for advice. The Husband and Wife Law Team works with experts in crash investigation to help determine the main contributing factor to your crash and to assign fault for the collision and the ensuing injuries. We do whatever it takes to make the negligent driver compensate the victim for injuries and medical costs, property damages, and other crash-related damages. Reach out to the attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today and let us help you get your case started today.

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