Avoiding Car Crashes and Pocketbook Burnout During Holiday Weekends in Arizona

Recent reports from AAA predict that nearly 2.5 million people in the Mountain West region will hit the road during Labor Day weekend, and that means Arizona auto accidents may be on the rise. Labor Day is now passed, but even during regular weekends or other holiday weekends, here’s a few tips on saving yourself time, money, and trouble along the way:

  • Check your tire pressure before you hit the road to increase gas mileage, reduce stopping distance, and make it easier to manage your vehicle in a crisis.
  • Don’t just watch the speed limit. Following the speed limit will increase your gas mileage and help you avoid accidents.
  • Avoid driving behind large trucks and vans where you can’t see what’s going on ahead, making you more likely to become involved in a crash.

Arizona Car Crash Statistics: Labor Day Weekend

More than 103, 420 Arizona car crashes are reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) every year and nearly 27,000 of those accidents cause injuries to the people who are involved. Labor Day was the most recent holiday to pass, so here are some noteworthy statistics for this particular holiday. Over Labor Day weekend each year, nearly 10 people are killed in car accidents and hundreds are injured, according to statistics. AAA reports that of the 2.5 million people who will travel in the western states this Labor Day, more than 2 million of those individuals plan to drive their own vehicle and to go less than 50 miles. This means that all motorists should be extra cautious with the increased number of vehicles on the road during long weekends.

Why Contact an Arizona Car Crash Lawyer

If you were involved in an Arizona car crash over Labor Day, or any other holiday weekend, it could do much worse than ruin your long weekend getaway, and you should plan to contact a skilled Arizona car crash lawyer for assistance. The Husband and Wife Law Team assists motorists who’ve been injured in car accidents by collecting evidence and eyewitness testimonies to negotiate a fair settlement with the negligent driver.

We work out details of compensation that helps to cover medical bills, lost wages in the recovery period, vehicle damages, and other losses. Breyer law Offices, P.C. offers free injury accident consultations to all victims. Contact us today to talk about your case.

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