Disaster Averted in Tucson Drowning Accident

Although summer is winding down, Tucson drowning accidents remain a constant presence in the high temperatures, just like a near-fatal accident that occurred in the city late last month, according to AZ Star Net. The Mayor of Tucson recently proclaimed an 11-year-old girl a hero for rescuing her best friend from drowning in a neighbor’s swimming pool.

The girls were playing in the pool with other children, when the 10-year-old girl did not come out of the water and was pulled out by her friend. The victim spent four days in the hospital receiving treatment for her serious injuries. We are grateful the girl was rescued by her friend and hope that she is continuing to make great strides in her recovery.

How to Avoid Tucson Drowning Accidents

This Tucson drowning accident case is an example of why it’s important for parents and other adults to remain nearby and never allow children to play in pools alone. Even children who are excellent swimmers may drown and parents should be aware of the danger. These types of accidents can be avoided by adults always remaining with children in a pool area, by closing and locking pool areas down when adults cannot be nearby and by teaching children proper swimming pool safety, like the young rescuer in this case had been trained to provide.

Why Call a Tucson Drowning Accident Attorney

The Tucson drowning accident attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. help families of children who’ve drowned due to the negligence of pool guards or neighbors seek fair compensation that will help cover the immense costs and losses suffered by the family as a result of the accident. Contact the Husband and Wife Law Team today to talk about your child’s drowning accident and to get help starting your case.

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