Elderly Woman and Young Girl Seriously Injured in Glendale Bee Attack

Glendale bee attacks are few and far between, so we were shocked and surprised to hear news from AZ Central detailing an incident that occurred on August 21. An elderly woman and her four-year-old granddaughter were in the grandmother’s home when a group of more than 100 Africanized bees swarmed around them and attacked.

The woman was stung on her face, in her nose, and in her mouth by dozens of bees and the little girl was also attacked, though she was able to call for help using the woman’s emergency alert system. A firefighter was also stung during the rescue. Authorities discovered that another person in the neighborhood was keeping the bees. That beekeeper will likely face charges for several misdemeanors. We are thinking of the victims and hope they recover quickly from the stings and other wounds.

How to Avoid Serious Glendale Bee Attack Injuries

This Glendale bee attack could not have been prevented, but there are ways that homeowners can protect themselves from serious bee attacks and injuries throughout the remainder of the summer.

  • Keep doors and windows closed at all times unless you are exiting or entering your home.
  • Ensure that your doors and windows are properly sealed.
  • If you see a bee, do not attempt to kill it; move somewhere else away from the bee.
  • Put out a bee trap in your yard.
  • If you see multiple flying insects in your yard, call a wasp or pest control professional to evaluate your situation.

Why Call a Glendale Bee Attack Attorney

The victim in this Glendale bee attack should call a skilled attorney for assistance. Glendale personal injury attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer would help the woman by building a strong case against the beekeeper who was keeping the dangerous bees and let them escape. We would help the woman recover damages for her medical expenses, long term care, and the emotional trauma she suffered throughout her attack and recovery. If you were hurt by another person’s negligence, contact the Husband and Wife Law Team today for help with your case.

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