Multiple Arizona Drowning Accidents Have Families on Alert

While major news attention recently was on the multitude of fatal car crashes that happened across the United States, several Arizona drowning accidents have families on alert, according to information reported by ABC 15 News. According to news reports, four drowning incidents happened over the span of one weekend, leaving two young children injured and another two children dead.

Indicators in the news reports revealed that all of these accidents were caused by negligence and by a lack of adult supervision to ensure the safety of children playing in and around water during parties and get-togethers. We are deeply distressed by the number of accidents that occurred involving child drownings over this last holiday weekend.

Arizona Drowning Accidents, the Law, and Avoiding a Serious Incident

These Arizona drowning accidents were true tragedies, but the owners of the homes and pools where these accidents occurred under the law may be held liable for a number of reasons. Generally, the homeowner’s insurance company will be responsible for handling a negligence claim. Child drownings tend to happen as a result of inadequate supervision. Pool owners should always secure homeowners’ liability insurance to protect themselves in case of an accident, even if they weren’t home at the time. But there are also ways to prevent accidents like these from occurring at all.

  • Keep all colorful objects and shiny things out of the pool to avoid attracting children.
  • Ensure that your pool area is secure with no way for children to enter without help.
  • Always provide adequate supervision when children are playing in and around the water at your home.

What an Arizona Drowning Accident Attorney Could Do to Help

If your child was killed or seriously injured in an Arizona drowning accident, no amount of money can undo your suffering, but you should still consider reaching out to a skilled Arizona child drowning accident attorney. Contact attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer now for a free consultation.

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