Pima County Elder Neglect at Nursing Home Leads to Death

As experienced Pima County elder neglect attorneys, we were deeply saddened over reports of a death at a local nursing home reported by AZ Star Net on Thursday, July 26, 2012. The man died on June 18, 2012 at the nursing home where he was living, but the cause of death was not originally reported as neglect. New results released Thursday after a full autopsy of the victim was performed indicated that he died from severe dehydration and being baked to death after being left in the sun on a three-digit day by caretakers for more than one hour. We are deeply sorry for the family and hope that they are able to find some comfort now that they have answers in the death of their loved one.

How to Avoid Pima County Elder Neglect at Nursing Homes

Families who are choosing a nursing home for their elderly loved ones do everything that they can to avoid Pima County elder neglect, and occasionally accidents happen that the family could not have foreseen. The facility faulted by the medical examiner in this neglect case had no sanctions and an A rating from the state health licensing department. Families should not rely on these ratings alone and should also speak with residents, the families of residents, employees, and other people familiar with the residence before signing any contracts. Families can also vary visitation times to ensure that the facility never knows when they will arrive.

Why Call a Pima County Elder Neglect Wrongful Death Attorney

This Pima County elder neglect accident and the resulting fatality could have been avoided with adequate supervision on the part of the nursing facility, and the family should call a skilled Pima County elder neglect wrongful death attorney to talk about their options. The Husband and Wife Law Team would assist this family in getting the compensation they need to cover funeral expenses and the autopsy of their family member in addition to any medical expenses incurred before his death.

We would do everything in our power to get justice for the family and for the man who died. If your family member was injured or died as a result of neglect, or you suspect neglect, call attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer now. It’s important in these cases that justice is served and that other family members are not hurt.

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