Serious Second Mesa Car Crash Causes Fatality, Injuries

Second Mesa car crashes seldom occur do to the small size and smaller population of the city, so were shocked to hear the news of a serious collision that occurred on September 8, according to reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). According to crash reports, the accident took place in the morning shortly before noon when a single vehicle crashed on SR-87 near Second Mesa.

One person was killed in the crash and was reported dead at the scene of the accident. Four other people riding in the vehicle at the time of the accident sustained injuries, though reports did not indicate the severity of the injuries suffered. Our hearts go out to all those involved in the accident and we hope that their physical and emotional injuries heal quickly.

How to Avoid a Serious Second Mesa Car Crash

Although Second Mesa car crashes happen only infrequently, they contribute to more than 600 reported outlying collisions in Navajo County every year, according to reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Data indicates that around 30 individuals are killed each year in car accidents that occur in smaller towns in Navajo County and that around 320 individuals sustain injuries. Like most other fatal car accidents in Arizona, a large number of Navajo County collisions are avoidable if drivers follow a few safety tips.

  • Remember to drive with your lights on from dusk til dawn and in bad weather conditions.
  • Avoid speeding, weaving thru lanes, and other unsafe driving habits, even if there are no other cars on the road.
  • Avoid distractions like loud music, telephone and texting conversations, and eating while driving.

What a Second Mesa Car Crash Attorney Could Do to Help

This crash caused multiple injuries and the death of one person and a skilled Second Mesa car accident attorney could help those affected with both a personal injury case and a wrongful death lawsuit. The Husband and Wife Law Team would work hard to determine what caused the collision and would negotiate with the driver, or the driver’s estate, to come to a fair resolution for the victims. If you were involved in a serious collision, don’t wait. Contact the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. now for assistance.

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