Three Injured in Green Valley Fire Truck Ladder Accident

Being injured during a rescue attempt is never easy to accept or understand and we are watching the progress of those who were injured in a Green Valley ladder accident on a fire truck, reported by Tucson News Now on August 16.

The accident happened when five people were riding in the bucket on a fire truck ladder and a mechanical failure caused three of those individuals to sustain serious injuries. Initial reports indicated that the weight limit may have been breached, but those allegations have since been cleared. We are thinking of all who were hurt in this accident and hope that they are recovering quickly from the injuries that they sustained.

What to Do When You Are Injured in a Green Valley Ladder Accident

Green Valley ladder accidents are not common when fire trucks are mobilized to rescue fire victims, but occasionally individuals do sustain injuries in rescue attempts. If you are hurt in an accident during a rescue, there are several things that you can do to help prevent further injury to yourself and those around you.

  • Do not attempt to move yourself.
  • Do not attempt to move others who may also have sustained injuries in the same accident.
  • Wait for help, such as fire fighters or emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to arrive and allow them to assist you.

Every person that is injured during a rescue due to mechanical failures, negligence, or true accidents should still contact a skilled personal injury attorney for advice and assistance.

Why Contact a Green Valley Ladder Accident Attorney

Although some people have reservations about pursuing a case against their rescuer, if you are injured during a rescue attempt, you should consider reaching out to a skilled Phoenix, AZ personal injury attorney for advice and to know your legal rights.

Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer professionally handle injury cases and help victims secure fair compensation to cover their medical bills, loss of ability to work and earn a living, and other damages that arise from the incident. Contact the Husband and Wife Law Team today for more information about how best to handle your rescue accident injury case.

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