Watch Out for Burros to Avoid a Yuma Motorcycle Collision

As experienced Yuma motorcycle collision attorneys, we were shocked to hear the news from the Yuma Sun on July 31 that multiple burros have been involved in serious car crashes since January. Reports indicate that nearly 25 burros alone have been killed in automobile accidents, including five that died on the morning of July 31. Motorcycle riders should be especially wary of the large numbers of wild burros as they travel down Highway 95, whether it is day or night.

If a motorcycle hits a burro, the bike may flip over the animal or veer into other lanes of traffic. Other vehicles may also experience rollovers and veering patterns after a collision with a burro, which can squash or otherwise seriously damage a motorcycle and its rider.

Yuma Motorcycle Collisions and Animal Accident Statistics

Yuma motorcycle collisions make up a large portion of the roughly 1,900 automobile accidents reported in the city annually by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). These accidents cause injuries to nearly 900 people every year, according to recent statistics. Data indicates that around 1,600 collisions statewide involve animals every year, and that these collisions result in more than 200 injuries. Approximately 35 motorcycle accidents are the result of a collision with an animal, and while no deaths are reported in these accidents, 81.25% result in serious injuries.

What a Yuma Motorcycle Collision Attorney Could Do to Help

Yuma motorcycle collisions that involve burros can be especially dangerous and riders who are injured in accidents caused by another driver that hit a burro, spurring an accident, should reach out to a skilled motorcycle lawyer. Attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer would help to determine whether the Department of Transportation or the Bureau of Land Management has culpability for the animals being on the road without barriers to protect motorists and would also help to determine the level of the negligent driver’s culpability.

We would negotiate with the responsible parties and aim to reach a settlement that would more than cover the expenses of recovery for the rider, including medical bills, unpaid time off work, and emotional pain. Contact the Husband and Wife Law Team now for help understanding and protecting your rights after an accident.

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