What Local Police Do to Combat Phoenix Semi Truck Collisions

As experienced Phoenix semi truck collision lawyers, we are deeply concerned over the rising number of crashes involving big rigs each year, but were happy to hear reports from KPHO News that local police are taking these accidents seriously. Police in the city of Phoenix watch for anything out of the ordinary and are quick to stop semi trucks that are speeding, weaving out of their lanes, or showing any other signs of distress. Police also use special cameras to seek out truck drivers who are talking on their cell phones while driving, which is against the law in Arizona. With nearly 2,700 reported car wrecks involving semi trucks each year throughout the state, it is important for all drivers, and not just police officers, to be aware.

What Causes Phoenix Semi Truck Collisions?

There are many different causes for crashes involving big rigs on the streets and freeways in this urban center. Causes for these types of accidents are many, but most include:

  • Drivers going faster than the speed limit or too fast for conditions;
  • The semi truck being improperly maintained and the brakes giving out or not working properly;
  • Drivers going too many miles without rest, causing their judgment to be impaired, or causing them to fall asleep at the wheel; and
  • Drivers talking on their cell phones while driving.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, people who are hurt in crashes with a semi truck should call a skilled personal injury attorney for assistance.

Why Involve a Phoenix Semi Truck Collision Attorney

If you’re injured in a Phoenix semi truck collision, the most important call you can make after you’ve begun recovery is to a skilled truck collision attorney. The lawyers at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C.. do whatever it takes to help injury victims in tractor trailer crashes get the compensation they need to make a full recovery.

Our attorneys work hard to defend the rights of all injury victims and we do what’s necessary to make the truck driver or trucking company compensate the injured parties for medical expenses, forfeited income, and other costs related to injuries and damages suffered in the wreck. If you were hurt by a negligent truck driver on the road, call the Husband and Wife Law Team now.

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