Woman Dies in Phoenix Pedestrian Collision

While most Phoenix pedestrian accidents are avoidable, sometimes drivers are unable to avoid hitting a person on the street, which was the case in an accident that occurred on Sunday, September 2, 2012, according to news reports from AZ Central. The incident took place on Sunday night around 11 p.m. when a vehicle struck a woman walking in the middle of the road. According to reports from authorities on scene, the driver was not impaired but the pedestrian may have been under the influence of an undetermined substance. Three people were arrested at the scene for starting a fight after the woman was struck by the vehicle. The driver was not arrested at the time of the accident and there was no word on whether he was injured. We are deeply sorry for the family and friends of the woman who witnessed her death and hope that they are able to cope with their loss.

Phoenix Pedestrian Collision and Statewide Crash Stats

According to local news reports, Phoenix pedestrian collisions make up a large portion of the more than 31,050 car crashes that happen in the city every year, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Nearly 130 individuals die as a result of their involvement in car accidents in the city each year and statistical data shows that an additional 16,060 individuals are injured. Statewide, data reports indicate the occurrence of more than 1,500 pedestrian collisions annually that result in the deaths of more than 150 individuals and injuries to roughly 1,255 other people. Fewer than 170 pedestrian-involved crashes result in property damage only.

What a Phoenix Pedestrian Collision Wrongful Death Lawyer Could Do to Help

Although police have determined that the woman was likely negligent in causing this fatal Phoenix pedestrian collision, her family should still reach out to a skilled pedestrian collision wrongful death lawyer in Phoenix. The Husband and Wife Law Team would look deeper into the case to determine whether the driver of the vehicle had any culpability in the case by driving distracted or with other violations that contributed to the crash.

If we found that the driver had culpability, we would negotiate on behalf of the family to secure fair recompense for funeral expenses, permanent income loss, and other damages experienced by the family. If your loved one was killed in a pedestrian crash, contact the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today for a free consultation on your case.

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