More Riding Trails May Mean Less Flagstaff Motorcycle Collisions

The reduced numbers of riding trails for bikers in Coconino National Forest may have something to do with the increased number of Flagstaff motorcycle accidents, and according to Tri Valley Central, complaints from riders are making the U.S. Forest Service take notice. According to reports, the U.S. Forest Service closed nearly all of the 1.8 million acres of Coconino National Forest to off-roaders in May 2012, leaving less than 20 miles of trail made specifically for motorcycles and ATV riders. Now, an additional 78 miles of trail is being considered, which would provide outback riders more safety on the curvy roads in the pristine forest between I-17 and Lake Mary Road. Reports indicate that a final decision on the new trails will not be made until winter, which means that bikers should continue to take extra precaution on the winding roads that go through the Coconino National Forest.

How to Avoid a Flagstaff Motorcycle Collision in Coconino National Forest

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports that just shy of 1,800 traffic accidents occur in Flagstaff each year, and there is no shortage of Flagstaff motorcycle collisions in that figure. Around 3,000 motorcycle crashes are reported each year statewide and these collisions result in the deaths of more than 130 individuals on bikes.

Avoiding a crash can be simple, though, if proper safety precautions are taken. Consider the following:

  • Don’t speed on winding roads in the forest since you never know what may be just around the corner.
  • Keep your headlight on at all times to provide oncoming drivers with extra opportunities to see you and provide you respect and space.
  • Avoid driving through the forest in bad weather, where road layout and poor visibility can add to the risk factors for accidents.

Why Contact a Flagstaff Motorcycle Collision Lawyer

No matter what role the roads play in a Flagstaff motorcycle collision, if you are hurt during a leisurely drive through the Coconino National Forest or in any other place in Arizona, you should consider having a consultation with a skilled motorcycle collision lawyer in Flagstaff. The Husband and Wife Law Team works with motorcycle riders that are injured in crashes to help them get recompense from the negligent driver that caused their accident.

We strive for compensation that will take care of medical, property repair, wage replacement, and other expenses associated with the crash. Contact attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer seven days a week to talk about your case.

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