New Local Animal Control Educating the Public on Yuma Dog Bite Incidents

According to reports from the Yuma Police Department’s Animal Control Services (YPD-ACS), residents are charged $50 for having a dog at large on a first offense with the fine increasing on every subsequent offense, including $100 for a second offense and $200 for a third offense. The reports indicate that if an unvaccinated dog bites a person, it is quarantined for no less than 10 days, to the tune of at least $300. Dog bites occur all over Arizona and many times cause very serious injuries to their victims. Many times victims are children and are bit in the face. Dog owners must understand that their dog can be a danger to others and that they should always keep their dog on a leash when out in public.


How to Avoid a Yuma Dog Bite Incident

For those pet owners whose dogs have engaged in more than one Yuma dog bite incident, the punishment may be more severe than quarantine and a fine.

Owners should follow these tips to help keep their pooches safe from repossession and other unsavory fates:

  • Keep your dog in the house or in an enclosed area that cannot be escaped.
  • Enroll your dog in training to help teach your pet pooch to never bite humans.
  • Always stay with your dog at the park and keep him or her on a leash.
  • Have your dog within eyesight at all times.
  • Ensure that your pooch is vaccinated and fixed.

The Role of Attorneys in a Yuma Dog Bite Incident

People who sustain injuries in a Yuma dog bite incident should reach out for help from a skilled personal injury attorney. The dog bite attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. understand the law and are able to use legislation and factual case evidence to negotiate fair settlements that cover medical expenses, personal trauma, and other damages caused by a dog in an attack situation.

If you were bit by a dog or have a child that was bit and need help getting justice and fair compensation, contact attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer now for additional information on our services and a free consultation.

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