What Causes Arizona Dog Bite Injury Accidents?

Arizona dog bite accidents can be caused by a number of different actions on both the part of the dog’s owner as well as the victim who was bit by the dog. The most common causes of animal injury accidents involving a bite include:

  • The dog was roaming the streets at large and was scared by people that it encountered, smelled food on them, or was trying to play with them.
  • The dog was not properly trained to deal with strangers and with children and lashed out when approached by strangers; this could happen if the dog is at large, on a leash, or in the confines of the owner’s yard.
  • The dog was not on a leash and attacked another animal, which led to human intervention and a subsequent attack.

Although these are the most common causes of dog bite injuries, there are many other situations in which a dog attack could occur and victims should always reach out to a skilled dog bite attorney to find out if they have a case.

Damages That Can Be Recovered in an Arizona Dog Attack

If you are hurt in an Arizona dog bite accident, there are multiple types of damages that you can claim against the owner of the dog and the person who was caring for the dog at the time of the incident.

  • Mental anguish and physical pain and suffering that result from the incident.
  • Missed days of work that cause you to lose pay.
  • Future loss of earnings caused by an inability to work.
  • Scarring and other injuries that leave permanent damage.
  • Expenses for your medical care over time.

Why Contact an Arizona Dog Bite Injury Accident Attorney

If you were attacked by a dog, the best move you can make is to call a skilled Phoenix, AZ dog bite injury attorney. The attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. help injured victims to secure fair compensation for their injuries, suffering, lost earnings, and medical expenses in fair settlements paid out by the owner of the dog involved in the attack.

We do whatever it takes to ease your pain and stress through the process of negotiation and recovery. Contact attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer today for assistance with your case and help understanding where to go from here.

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