Yavapai County Car Accident Injuries and Fatalities on the Rise

Yavapai County Car Accident DeathAccording to recently reported statistics from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), 2011 marked the first time in more than five years that the rate of deaths in Yavapai County car accidents rose. In 2011, there were 53 fatalities in Yavapai County that were caused by car crashes, according to reports.

This was a 17 percent increase from the statistics reported in 2010. Nearly 1,370 individuals were injured in collisions in 2011 while less than 1,350 were injured in motor vehicle accidents in 2010. Additionally, more than 180 collisions in Yavapai County in 2011 were caused by drunk drivers and statistics show that there was a sharp increase of nearly 29 percent in the number of injuries sustained in those crashes. Approximately 15 people died as a result of their own involvement in drunk driving accidents in 2011.

How to Avoid a Yavapai County Car Accident

Motorists who want to avoid a Yavapai County car accident will have to follow a few rules out on the road to keep themselves and their passengers safe.

  • If you like to talk on your cell phone while you drive, stop. You need both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road, and your brain on your task.
  • In addition to putting down the phone, minimize other distractions in your vehicle, like too much talking, the radio, and food products.
  • Follow the law. Remember, the speed limit, signaling, and stoplights are not merely suggestions, they’re there to protect you.

What a Yavapai County Car Accident Attorney Could Do for You

If you are hurt or someone you care about is killed in a Yavapai County car accident due to another motorist’s negligence you should ask a skilled Arizona car accident wrongful death attorney for help. The Husband and Wife Law Team works with crash victims to help them get back on track with their lives.

We do everything within our power and the law to get the careless driver to commit to a settlement that is fair for the victim and will cover any expenses associated with the crash in addition to replacing lost wages. If you were affected by a serious crash in Yavapai County, contact the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today.

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