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Despite the wet weather the Verde Valley has seen lately, bicycle riders remain true to their preferred method of transportation and we are deeply concerned for the rider that was hurt in a crash reported by My Radio Place on August 24. The accident happened in the afternoon near Mingus Street and 10th Street when a bicyclist ran into a motor vehicle.

There was no word on what caused the accident or if negligent driving played a role. The cyclist was injured but refused ambulance transportation. No updates on his condition have been reported and it was not indicated whether he was wearing a helmet at the time the accident occurred. We are worried about this cyclist and hope that he has sought the medical attention he needs to recover.

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As experienced Tucson bicycle collision attorneys, we are deeply concerned over the rising number of accidents involving cyclists this year, including an accident reported by the Tucson Police Department (TPD) on July 28. The accident happened on Saturday around 12:15 p.m. when a vehicle struck a person riding a bicycle near the intersection of Camino Serna and Tanque Verde Road. The bicyclist sustained injuries in the collision.

According to reports, the driver stayed at the scene of the accident, but it is unclear whether a citation was issued for the Tucson car collision. We are concerned for this rider and hope that he will recover quickly and continue to enjoy riding through Tucson despite the accident.

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As bicycle accident lawyers in Tucson, we were relieved to hear news from KVOA on Thursday, July 19, 2012 that the victim of a serious bicycle accident is on the mend. The cyclist was struck while riding the bicycle route on Mountain Avenue when a truck ran the stop sign at Blacklidge Drive and hit him. The man suffered serious injuries, including protruding broken bones. The man who hit the cyclist drove away and has not yet been located by police. Good Samaritan witnesses protected the victim from further injury by standing in traffic until emergency crews arrived. We are thinking of the victim and hope that he continues to heal towards a full recovery.

Tucson Bicycle Accidents and Statewide Statistics

Tucson bicycle accident victims are among the more than 5,500 people who are hurt in car crashes every year in the city, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Statewide, there are more than 1,900 reported bicycle collisions annually. These wrecks cause injury to roughly 1,600 people, according to statistics. An additional 20 or more deaths are reported from car crashes that involve bicyclists every year. Most injury and fatality victims in bicycle crashes in Tucson and across the state are over the age of 25, like the victim in this collision.

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As experienced Chandler bike accident attorneys, we were disturbed and dismayed by the deadly results of a crash that took place on June 29, according to traffic news reports from ABC 15 News. The accident happened when a pickup truck traveling down Knox Avenue struck a boy on a bicycle where the road intersects with Arizona Avenue. Reports from witnesses indicate that the boy was trying to ride his bike across several lanes of traffic when he was struck by the truck. The boy was thrown from his bicycle and died at the scene, despite numerous attempts by witnesses to save the boy’s life.

The driver of the truck that hit the boy fled the scene but was later caught by police and multiple charges have been filed against him. We are deeply sorry for the pain that this boy’s family must be feeling and we wish them strength today and in the days ahead. This is such a sad incident and the driver never should have fled the scene of the accident and we do understand that the driver returned to the scene of the accident.

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As experienced Tucson traffic collision attorneys, we were deeply saddened by a fatal crash that occurred on May 20, according to reports by Tucson News Now. According to initial reports from crash investigators, a bicyclist was riding on the shoulder of the road on the Ajo Highway when a car came around the curve near Soledad Avenue, crossed onto the shoulder and struck him. Reports did not indicate whether the cyclist was wearing a protective helmet at the time of the crash. The bicycle rider was killed in the impact of the crash.

Police arrested the woman who was driving the car and initial reports indicate that she may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision. Our thoughts are with the family of the man that was killed in this tragic accident and we hope they find comfort for their loss.

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As Yuma bicycle collision attorneys with a great deal of experience in dealing with local car accident victims, we were dismayed to hear the news on KSWT 13 of a severe accident involving a bicycle. The accident was caused by a vehicle striking a bicycle rider as it made a right turn at the corner of 15th Street and 4th Avenue. The bicyclist was riding on the sidewalk and crossed the street just as the car made the turn around the corner.

The driver of the car told police that she did not see the bicycle rider and that she had looked only to the left for cars before making the turn. The cyclist was taken to the hospital in an ambulance with serious injuries to his leg. We hope that the bicycle rider is recovering well.

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Our experienced Tucson bicycle accident attorneys were dismayed to hear the news that a bicycle rider was hit in a collision with a mid-sized SUV on February 27, according to NBC4. The cyclist was traveling on North Alvernon when the rider was struck by the SUV.

Although no reports have been issued indicating whether the cyclist or the driver of the SUV was at fault for this incident, the seriousness of the accident caused the closure of both east- and west-bound traffic for the entire morning, and motorists were instructed to find alternate routes around the intersection at East Pima and North Alvernon. We are saddened by the seriousness of this accident and our hearts go out to the family of the bicycle rider and their family.

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Most Arizona bicycle accidents occur because both the cyclists and the drivers believe they have the right of way, and although the law is on the side of the cyclist, when an accident occurs, being right doesn’t seem like such a great victory. As experienced bicycle accident lawyers in Phoenix, we have seen the devastation a serious accident can cause and encourage both drivers and riders to practice proper safety.

Motor-Vehicle Drivers

For those driving in cars, safety can be as simple as slowing down in the presence of a cyclist to avoid deadly tailgating behavior. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), on wide lines, drivers should stay approximately three feet away from bicycles while passing in the roadway, unless there is a bicycle lane, in which case, bicyclists should use it instead.

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As Phoenix bicycle accident attorneys, we were happy to hear there are several new places to lock up bikes to prevent thefts, according to the Phoenix New Times. These spots include: around Phoenix’s urban canyons, in front of bars, and in front of Carly’s Bistro. The bike racks could improve safety since they are easy to find and cyclists won’t have to spend extra time looking for good places to lock up their bikes. They are also out of the way of car traffic, as well as congested pedestrian traffic.

Know the Lock Spots to Avoid Phoenix Bicycle Accidents

Distraction can result in Phoenix bicycle accidents. It’s best to know where the best lock spots are so you are not pedaling and looking around at the same time. Here is a list of the newest lock-up spots:

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As Arizona bicycle accident attorneys, we were happy to hear that a trophy was named after Sally Meyerhoff, the first woman ever to win the Rock-N-Roll Marathon. She was killed two months after she won in 2011 while riding her bike. She was hit by a car. The next big run was Saturday, January 14, 2012, and a trophy was named in her honor. There were 270,000 runners taking part in the race, and this is the 9th year the marathon has been held.

Arizona Bicycle Accident Statistics

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reported that there were 1,914 Arizona bicycle accidents in 2010, which left 19 bicyclists dead and 1,583 injured. Also as demonstrated by Arizona bike accident statistics, the 45-54 year age group saw the most fatal crashes, while male bicyclists also suffered more fatalities across all age groups. Most bicyclists are hit in broad daylight on clear days, according to the findings.

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