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Many people find that the most fun they have is while they are on the water. Boating has become a sort of culture all its own and now anyone can rent a boat to be a part of it. As Arizona boat accident attorneys, we want everyone to enjoy themselves while in or near water, but also to remember the hazards that may surround them.

Starting on October 30th, Boat Rentals of America will be offering boats to rent at Tempe Town Lake (KPHO 10/11/10). They have several kinds of boats available, including kayaks, hydro bikes, electric boats, and fishing boats. Some boats are big enough to fit an entire family.

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As parents ourselves, a recent story by AZ Central out of San Tan Valley deeply saddened us. A 3-yr old boy drowned in a backyard pool while his family swam and talked nearby. This is an all-too tragic reminder to parents that you can not take your eyes off your child for even a minute. Most tragedies with little children seem to happen with loving families and too often they are when festivities are occurring. Many people can be judgmental about parents in these situations and we urge everyone not to judge the actions of parents.

Most children love the water and may be overconfident in their swimming abilities. Parents must always be careful not to discourage the child but keep a quiet eye nearby should something happen.

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Lake Havasu is a popular vacation spot during the summer months with many people coming out to spend time on their boats. But, according to an article in Today’s News-Herald, a day on the water can turn deadly if you’ve had too much to drink.

Lake Havasu and the Colorado River are ranked fourth in the top 10 deadliest waters in the United States with the use of alcohol being the leading contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. According to the U.S. Coastguard’s Recreational Boating Statistics 2009 report, there were 12.7 million registered boats in the country. There were 4,730 reported boating accidents with 736 fatalities and 3,358 people injured nationwide. Other factors that contributed to boat-related crashes included improper lookout, operator inexperience, excessive speed and operator inattention.

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Campaign donations are a powerful thing. According to the House of Representatives, a jury cannot be trusted to decide how much money is reasonable compensation to somebody injured by the negligence of a doctor. According to the same people, a jury is fully capable to decide whether a man is guilty, and whether he should be put to death for his crime. A jury is capable of life and death decisions, but not capable to decide decisions relating to money. How can this be? I guess it just depends on who is giving you donations.

A criminal jury and civil jury come from the same people, who live in the same county. They are chosen randomly, so the same people that sit on a criminal trial could have just as easily sat that same day on a medical negligence trial.

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