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Every year, Gila Bend head injuries cause both serious permanent and temporary injuries as well as death. According to the Brain Injury Association of Arizona (BIAA), males between the ages of 14 and 24 are at the highest risk for sustaining a serious head injury because they participate in a larger number of risky activities and behaviors. At present, more than 45,000 residents of Arizona are living with the effects of a serious head injury and the number continues to rise each year. Annually, reports indicate that nearly 28,000 people are treated for head injuries in the emergency room, and of those treated, 6,000 are admitted to the hospital and another 1,400 die from complications.

What Causes Gila Bend Head Injuries

Gila Bend head injuries can be caused a wide variety of accidents. Some of the most common accidents that cause head injuries include:

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The use of cell phones has been rapidly increasing over the years, but unfortunately so are the mobile phone related and distracted driving car accidents. Did you know that cell phone usage is the second major reason for car accidents all over the U.S.? In 2009 alone, there are about 5,474 people who were killed and another 448,000 were injured in the U.S. because of road accidents involving distracted driving.

Just last Monday in San Tan Valley, a 39-year old woman was heavily injured in a rollover car accident. Investigators are now looking into a possibility of cell phone use as the cause of the accident. Evidence suggests that the woman, unidentified until now, was apparently on her phone while on her way east to Hunt Highway when her car drifted to the right of the roadway and rolled. Immediately after, she was flown to Scottsdale Osborne Hospital where her condition has not yet been verified.

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Statistics show that vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among American teens. Most of these fatalities were caused by reckless driving, drunk driving or distracted driving. Teens are unfortunately at a higher risk of being involved in a car accident. The National Young Driver Survey found that 20 percent of 11th graders have had at least one crash for the past year and 3 percent have had about 2. The fatality rate of drivers age 16 to 19 is four times higher than that of drivers age 25 to 69.

Because of this, the Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA) in collaboration with Impact Teen Drivers, arranged a public awareness program that aims to educate teens on the dangers of drunk, reckless, or distracted driving. These sponsors are in charge of giving educational materials not only to teens, but to parents, teachers and members of the community as well. The program also let teens experience real-time driving scenarios. The experience is kept in a controlled, safe environment at a track at Avondale Toyota/Scion.

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More than 1,300 people suffer serious injuries and 16 people are killed every day due to accidents caused by distracted drivers (CDC). Distracted driving is taking one’s attention away from driving due to preoccupation with something else, such as using a mobile phone. In 2009, about 5,500 people were killed due to distracted driving in the U.S. alone (AZfamily 3/7/2011).

In a recent poll conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation and Consumer Reports on distracted driving, it was found that 63% of those aged below 30 were guilty of distracted driving, being on their mobile phones or texting while driving. The rates were lower for those who were 30 and above. Only a small percentage of the younger population felt that driving while using a mobile phone was actually dangerous (AZfamily 3/7/2011).

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As Arizona accident lawyers, we understand the hardships of losing a loved one in a traffic accident. In 2009, traffic fatalities in the U.S. reached 33,808; averaging out to over 90 people who die every day because of car crashes (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Fatality Analysis Reporting System).

In Maricopa, a life was lost in a tragic bicycle accident last week. The victim, a marathon champion and Olympic hopeful, died after crashing her bike into a pickup truck Tuesday around 1:20 in the afternoon (AZ Family 03/09/2011).

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Over the years, pedestrian fatalities have accounted for a large portion of total traffic-related fatalities. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found nearly 175,000 pedestrians were killed in all motor vehicle crashes. Studies also revealed that 90 percent of all pedestrian fatalities were the result of single vehicle crashes.

There were 69,000 pedestrians who suffered injuries in traffic crashes in 2008 and nearly 5,000 were killed. In 2009, the NHTSA reported that 4,092 pedestrians were killed nationwide, 120 of these were from Arizona. In fact, Arizona was ranked 8th highest in terms of Pedestrian Fatality Rate per 100,000 Population among all other states at 1.82.

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Every 50 minutes, a life is lost due to a drunk driving accident in the U.S. (NHTSA, 2009). In Arizona, the Department of Public Safety and police departments reported that 7,756 car crashes every year involve a pedestrian or a drunk driver with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .01 or more (AZfamily, 3/15/11).

While a BAC of .01 may seem insignificant, individuals can react at different levels to alcohol, so even at this low level, some users can actually become significantly impaired.

As the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day approaches tomorrow, the Scottsdale Police Department has placed safety as a top priority during the event. Police officers will be out on DUI inspections at a checkpoint at Palm Lane and Scottsdale Road, from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. The police will be paying special attention to drivers going southbound on Scottsdale Road, heading from Old Town bars and nightlife.

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Late last week, a Mesa car accident occurred involving a driver whom onlookers say may have suffered from a medical condition causing him to lose control over his vehicle.

The driver, who was in his fifties, crashed his SUV into two cars on one side of the road, before crashing it again into a home on the other side of the street while going reverse. The car crash happened in the Guadalupe and Loop 101 area causing major damage.

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Days ago, a heartbreaking story of a 2-year-old that was seriously injured in a Phoenix car accident was reported (ABC 15 12/14/2010). The boy suffered from brain damage and internal decapitation and was in a coma after a near-fatal car crash four months ago.

The toddler and his family were involved in a car accident near 67th Avenue and Broadway Road on August 4. His 4-year-old sister and mom were okay but the 2-year old suffered a very serious injury – the ligaments that connect his skull to his spine were completely torn as a result of the impact.

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As parents of seven children with our 8th to be arriving in January, as well as Phoenix product liability attorneys, we are always trying to stay on top of the latest safety findings for kids. This latest product ban comes, we fear, too late for many families.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has outlawed the manufacture, sale, and re-sale of drop-side cribs. The products, designed with one side rail that moves up and down to make it easier for parents to remove the child, have been made by many different manufacturers over the past 10 years.

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